Chaos and Curls

Today, I went to the Farmers' Co-op to get some peppers for our fajitas. I got peppers, but I also had to take home some sad droopy zucchini plants. The kids helped me plant them into buckets, and we combined some of our compost into the soil.

They call me crazy plant lady

Please excuse the mess. That's what gets us to the next part of tonight's drama.

After we unloaded the car, and got things put away and replanted, I asked my kids to clean out the trash, laundry, and recyclables from the car. Heres a trash bag, a can bag, and a laundry bin. Simple right?

My oldest (Connor) told his brother to get out of the car because he wasn't helping, he was just getting in the way. In retaliation, Cohen (the little brother) slammed the door on his arm. Cue the screaming. I brought in the kiddos, closed up the doors, sent the two littles upstairs to play while I tended to Connor.

Ice, compression, and elevation applied, I wanted to give it some time before I assessed it for breaks or fractures (he's doing better, and we'll reassess in the morning). During the time ice was being applied, the youngest (my bonus daughter) comes down from the bathroom, having chopped up her pretty blonde curls.

After a call to her mom, and a video chat telling her about my disappointment, I took her in the kitchen (where the light is best) and did my best to fix her hair. Girly is rocking a pixie cut. I'll need to trim it up as it grows out because there are some super short bits that I couldn't even out.... but it's better than the sideways mullet she managed.

Gosh, #momlife is never boring...

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