Elderberries and Worm Poop

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My kids have had a good mix of country and city life. They're young enough to have gained skills that help them in both situations. This week, we gathered supplies from Facebook Marketplace, the local Home Depot, and Phils Berry Farm and Nursery in Damascus, OR.

I didn't realize there were so many different kinds of Blueberries. It took over half an hour to research and decide on a type of Blueberries for my family. It wasn't a planned purchase.

So many BLUEBERRY types. I chose Sweetheart blueberries, the Old Farmers Almanac calls them the "easiest food to grow". They're self-fertile and are able to be harvested more than once in a season.

We found and bought a 50-gallon Rubbermaid watering trough from Facebook, and drilled holes in it for drainage. We layered gravel in the bottom for drainage and then filled the rest with high nutrient compost and soil.

We had a conversation about the contents of good rich soil. We talked about worm castings, and how the soil is full of poop. Here's a great post from the Homesteading Hippy that goes over worm castings and their use. I'm realizing now that I should have done a layer of green materials from our current compost bin. But it's a lesson for next time.

You can find both of these soil blends at HomeDepot for about $8 a bag.

This morning, my oldest, CM, was SO excited to go water the plants.

Later in the month, we'll plant potatoes. I just ordered some cool potato bag planters. I saw them used over at DaNell's blog Weed em' and Reep. She uses these around her pond and the whole concept is really cool. I haven't set them up yet, so you can see how they work from the Amazon listing photos.

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