First Week of (Virtual) School

This new year has us entering unchartered waters in our house. We've never done homeschooling, we've never been good at schedule and routine, and I've never considered myself a teacher beyond what was expected for basics. This year, I've been forced to see my own teaching methods in a new light.

For the year, thus far, I've followed a general rule of unschooling. I've taken each new question and curiosity and made a learning experience from it. Bugs in the garden, fish in the river, storms in the sky, everything is an opportunity to bond with them and increase their knowledge.


Since my kids first started school, we've had a tradition. We do haircuts, and the option of a bright hair color the Sunday before the first day of school. This year, we were able to include my stepdaughter in the festivities.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you lovely lot about her...... self-exploration through hairstyling. I was able to balance out the jagged cuts and give her a cleaner pixie cut. She chose pink, red, and purple for her colors. We used Lunar Tides. They're vegan, chemical-free hair dyes that are safe and semi-permanent (and they're local to the Pacific North West. I'll probably fade in some blue or purple to offset the Oompa Loompa orange that the red faded out to.

My boys chose colors that perfectly outlined their personalities. Connor chose a bold rainbow mohawk. He's been sporting the mohawk for the better part of 4 years. And he rocks it every time. Cohen chose blue with red tips, the tips fade into purple and deep blue as they get closer to his scalp.


Now, the kids are asleep, and I'm writing. We're going to take tomorrow to finish organizing the school space. I need to make sure that Jes can sign into her online programs, and have them work on their focus spaces. I understand they're going struggle with staying still, and that they're going to need to adjust to online school. But it's either this or an extended break. We've been out of school since March, and Oregon doesn't look like it's going to start back up until at least November.

If you've got any suggestions for this chaos, please leave it in the comments. Or post on my FB/IG pages.

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