Garden Update | Crafting Update

Our weather went funky for a bit here. So our garden has kind of flourished, but also experienced some damage. Some plants are now blossoming, when they weren't before. Others are browning because they got far too much rain.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to use the raining time to get ahead on other projects (not successfully). In an effort to have secure income when we have a property to tend, I'm working to build my side hustles.

I have been a freelance writer with several marketing companies and independent clients for about 7 years. In recent weeks, the business has picked up again, so I've spent more time working on their content than my own. If it gets a little slow here, I am working on it.

Another form of income that I use to help move us closer to our goals is my crochet business. I've been crocheting since I was 5 (1994). My grandma taught me as an effort to keep me in one spot for longer than three min at a time, and it worked. I started getting crochet commissions in the 7th grade. In 2001, I was a primary leader in my school's fundraiser club. We hosted several events to raise money to support the recovery and rescue efforts after 9/11. I crocheted a few stuffed animals for our big Christmas auction and had orders pouring in after that for more creations.

When I was older, in my 20s, and pregnant with my oldest kiddo, I was in a car wreck. I was put on bedrest or an easy workload for the last 6 months of my pregnancy. In an effort to NOT go crazy, I crocheted. A family friend helped me set up at Saturday Market, and break down at the end of the day. I made a decent amount of cash to put towards the family's needs.

Since then, we've moved several times, added another child, and I've built my business up to something larger than that market could ever provide me. I have people seeking me out for commissions, and I LOVE setting up for vendor shows. Unfortunately, since COVID has shut down most events, much of my business has moved online. You can learn more about Wanderlust Crochet on my other website, and in the Shop and Support section of the blog.

My boys have started to show an interest in the crafting aspect of building our future. They've started working on clay garden markers. We haven't listed them yet, because we wanted to test them out first.

I'll be taking some time to add more stuff to my Wanderlust page this week. I'll do a quick writeup on them here too.

Until next time!

Happy Thursday!

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