Market Season in the Pandemic

Every spring for the last decade has been full of preparing for farmers markets, and vendor fairs, and music festivals, and similar types of events. As exhausting and sometimes frustrating as setting up for events every weekend can be, I find the experience and the connections incredibly rewarding.

With the world shutting down last year, I was at a loss. I missed my sales events and meeting new people out in the open air. I missed bartering goods, trading a crochet dinosaur for a pint jar of homemade jelly and a half-pint of fresh organic honey.

Over the last year, or so, I've had a lot of my things on here and in a small creatives co-op shop in Gresham, OR. I sell a few items every month, but nothing like I'm used to, and I don't get to make those interactions.

I decided recently, while I'm building up some stock for the website, and for the shop, that I'd take on 2 outdoor, socially distanced shows this summer. In an effort to organize my stock, I took all of my crochet stock on hand and put it in the shop. This means I'll be removing it from my website until I can better organize it all.

I'll also be adding a calendar on here (soon) that will show what events I'll be participating in so that you might come to find me and see my goodies in person. I'll have crochet, keychains, jewelry, and bookmarks at my booth.

I'll still be available for custom orders, and as I build up stock for shows, I may list it here in the interim. If you love it, buy it, I'll make another in a different color later. Until next time, happy reading!

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