Poly Jolly Holidays - A Season in Review

Updated: Apr 9

This was the first year since the kids were very small that I've worked full time for someone else for the holidays. In the past, I've done craft shows, vendor bazaars, and holiday markets every weekend from Halloween to Christmas. I spent the weeks between events with my kids, crafting, and building up stock, and preparing for the next weekend. This year, that tradition was tossed on its head. (Thanks COVID)

This year, I still crafted, but only as much as was needed for a few custom orders, and filling my booth at the vendor shop I rent space at. Instead, my time was filled with retail at a geeky shop in the mall. I love my shop, and for the most part, I enjoy working with my co-workers. However, in October, our manager left, and it's been chaos and transition since. It's been exhausting, and full of mask avoiding Karens. Our shipment has been delayed, our staff has been hard to keep on board, and the mall has been slim with details of how they're handling the shifts in COVID regulations in our state.

In the past, I would have been unable to work as many hours as I've worked this year because of childcare concerns. However, this year, one of my partners is on medical leave from work and was able to mind the children while I was at work. My other partner was able to come to spend regular time with the kids and work to build a stronger relationship with them. My meta was able to come over to spend time with one of the partners and the kids and participate in fun activities that I just didn't have the time for this season.

This year, I was able to provide more for my kids than any year in the past, and it was all possible because I was able to lean on my tribe for support. The thing most people don't get about polyamory is that it isn't about intimacy and sex all the time. It's mostly about building your team to face the world. We are partners, and we have each other's backs. All 7 of us adults are here for one another.

There have been some tough parts in the last year in our relationships, but we've taken them on together. No relationship is perfect, monogamous, or polyamorous. There will always be bumpy roads and hard decisions, and uncomfortable emotions in relationships. It's what you do with these experiences that determine how you're going to move forward.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I hope you'll linger for many more adventures. I'm so happy with my family this year, despite the weirdness of it all.

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