Starting to Harvest

kiddos got to start seeing the fruits of their labor. Yup, pun intended.

Today, we harvested a couple of Tomatoes, or "love apples" as my boyfriend calls them.

We also found a big cucumber on our trellis, not enough for much, but I started a batch of fridge pickles for dinner tonight.

I just checked on the beefsteak tomatoes, and we have 3 HUGE tomatoes, and nother 15 small ones. Lots of tomatoes to bring us through the summer.

We ordered these super cute blank plant stakes from a local artist from my garden group. Connor and I painted them yesterday. They're from ForestEssencellc. She works out of Bonanza, Oregon.

Today, the kids will learn about Pomegranate. We intend to show them how to open the messy fruit, and the significance of the Pomegranate to Persephone in mythology. This will be at least part of our school session for the day.

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