The Great Facebook Crash of 2021

Updated: Oct 27

We all use social media; if you don’t, I’m sorry about the rock you’ve been under. The majority of the civilized world keeps in touch with their friends, families, and favorite brands through social media. But what happens when your favorite social media goes down.

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The Great Facebook Crash of 2021

On October 4, 2021, Facebook and all of its affiliate apps crashed. It was out for hours, and a good portion of that time,, we were unsure if it would ever come back. During this time, people realized how few of their connections they had phone numbers for and how much work they’d put into cultivating their follower base with no reliable way of reaching them.

Staff at Facebook were unable to get into their offices, they were unable to contact co-workers and supervisors, and they were left scrambling to fix a problem they couldn’t get into. Riding on their shoulders was the livelihood of thousands of businesses that also depend on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Facebook-linked apps.

How Can You Avoid Losing Everything When Social Media Crashes

The hard truth about building your business based on a third-party platform is that you don’t own access to those customers and their information. You are not in any way entitled to the connection when you use Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to build your follower base. So, how do you keep connected when you lose those platforms? Email newsletter mailing lists will be the bread and butter of your business when social media isn’t reliable.

Email marketing is still one of the most successful customer touchpoint campaign options. Studies have shown that customers who are on your mailing list are six times more likely to click through to your website than similar links shared on Twitter.

How do You Build a Mailing List for Customer Emails?

Mailing lists and regular newsletters are 40 times more successful at gathering new leads and customers than Facebook or Twitter. But how do you get people to join your mailing list?

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Call to Action

Adding a Call to Action link to your website, social media posts, and on the website itself will encourage customers to interact with your page and opt-in for further newsletters.

Provide Value

One of the best ways to convince a reader to share their contact information with you is to provide value. Once they sign up, you can send them a link or PDF file to download as a free gift. You could grant them access to a members-only space on your site, or otherwise, add value to their investment of time and information.

Don’t Spam

Set a schedule to post new information, and stick to it. At least as close as you can. We’re all human and life can sometimes get in the way. If you’re able to set a schedule or automate your posts keeping it to 1 or 2 a month on a regular basis, your emails are less likely to find their way into Spam folders. When you do send emails to your mailing list, ensure the content is high quality and value.

Mind Your Legal Ps and Qs

When you collect information from potential customers for an email mailing list, you need to ensure they’re aware they can opt-out of the list at any time, and provide a process for removing themselves from the mailing list. If you’re providing quality content, they won’t want to leave.

Keep Quality Leads - Filter Out the Junk

It’s inevitable, people will sign up for your mailing list with a false email, or your newsletter will automatically filter into the Spam folder. Keeping these low-quality leads on your list will reduce your number of opened emails, and skew your goals and campaign settings.

Keep track of your statistics through the analytics software in your email campaign platform to learn how to better serve and engage your readers and customers. You can use these statistics to segment your email list into different categories. You can sort by demographics, purchase history, and more with proper analysis of each newsletter’s clickthrough rates.

Connect with Older Contacts

If it's been a while since you last heard from that great client that commissioned that huge piece of artwork last fall, don’t be afraid to send out a one-off email to check in on them and let them know what you have to offer them. Sometimes, your business and services will have fallen off their radar too. Life get’s so busy, but letting them know you’re thinking of them makes them feel special and reminds them of your offerings.

Consistent Emails

The idea of a regular, valuable, well-thought-out email campaign can be tedious and overwhelming. Building a content campaign, brainstorming and pre-writing the content, scheduling publication, and automating some of your emails will help you streamline the process.

Another option is to hire a freelancer to manage your emails to clients on a monthly basis. Give them a brief for the content, and let them get you set up for success. The Oak Anchor - Writing Services takes care of your content calendar, can write the emails for your future months, and can help you build a plan to gather and engage more customers in your email lists. Contact us today to discuss your business needs, and how we can help each other build a better business together.

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