Time Needs to Slow Dowwwn

I've missed quite a lot of my intended posts. I found myself suddenly homeschooling my boys, and my stepdaughter, working 4 jobs and forgetting what day of the week it was. As things open back up, I'm getting more work through my writing job.

I went from having one or two articles a week to having eight or nine a week. I was also working 5 am to noon shifts at one job, and 1 pm-6 pm at another job. I was tired, and everything began to fade together.

My middle child fell off his bunk bed, I had a migraine, and my call center job let me go (because I prioritized mine and my kid's health over their numbers). I'd normally say that stress crashed around me, but losing that plate from my balancing act actually brought me a sense of relief. I could breathe, and spend some time focusing on my family and my own health.

Suddenly, its July, and I'm getting more hours at the retail job I didn't hate, and getting to spend time working on my art and my garden.

I am working on getting back on track for posting here. In the last few weeks, I've built a raised ved, transplanted my cherry tomatoes and zucchini plants into it, built a climbing net for peas/green beans (after the tomatoes are done). I've got some seeds sprouting for my later summer plantings, and my herb garden is sprouting. Ill share some of my research into my hopes and dreams for chickens, goats, and what I'm looking for in a property.

There's so much I wanna share with y'all, I just need to catch up again.

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