Week Two - Digital Schooling

To say this week has been a challenge is........... the understatement of the month. I'd say the year, but 2020 is full of "here, hold my beer" moments.

This week we started actual classes with Oregon Virtual Academy by K12. I'm discovering how thoroughly the YMCA Headstart program my stepdaughter was enrolled in failed her in her early education. She has entered kindergarten, and can't spell her own name. She mixes letters and sounds. My own two boys were well ahead of where she's currently at. I know that I shouldn't compare her to others. All three kids are ADHD, and we're playing shuffle to figure out what stim toys help them each study. I got them chair bands and fidget bracelets that seem to be helping.

I appreciate that the last year has been full of challenges, and the teachers have been overwhelmed, and her mom is an essential worker, but she's so far behind that she failed her initial assessment?

Over the last several days we've been working hard with her on phonics. We are doing alphabet letter flashcards to remind her of the letter shapes, and we play observation games in the car. She and the boys each have to find a certain number of a chosen letter. You can make your own flashcards, or you can find simple alpha cards in the "school" section of most dollar trees.

We've also spent quite some time working on scientific observations. The garden is great for this. Earlier in the summer, I planted a couple of radishes in a glass jar with gravel in the bottom for drainage. We were able to observe the growth of the roots, and how the texture is different than other root vegetables. We also discussed how each of our senses helps us to recognize these things.

Tomorrow, we're taking a break. It's time to sleep and rest. It's time to spend time away from the computer for a few hours. It's time to play D&D with the kids.

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