Where Does Snow Come From - An Essay by Connor (age 8)

Snow is winter precipitation found in colder temperature climates. It creates dangers to people and animals alike due to the frigid temperatures needed for snow to form.

How Cold Does it Need to Be for Snow to Form?

The temperature that rain turns into snow is at 0* C (32* F). When the wind is blowing extremely hard, it creates a blizzard or a drift.

Types of Snow

There are five types of snow. Each serves a different purpose in nature and creates other hazards. Various climate factors change the kind of snow you’ll experience.


The powder is the sweetest kind of snow there is. It is soft and doesn’t stick to itself very well. It is delicate and light and blows around a lot. This is adequate snow for snow angels.


Crud is widely known as the next phase from the powder state. This is when the snow starts to stick to things around it. It forms good snowballs and snowmen because it is wetter.


Crust forms over slush when the snow begins to melt and makes an ice cover over the slush.


Slush, long story short, slush is technically snow that started to melt. It can create dangers for drivers because it doesn’t move like a solid or a liquid and can cause you to slide.


Ice is the solid form of water and is often mixed with snow at the beginning of a snowstorm, as the temperature drops. It is slick and can cause falls and sliding cars.

How to Dress for Playing in the Snow

The best advice for winter weather is to stay dry. Your snow clothes should help keep your feet and hands dry and hold heat to your body. Layers help your body save heat between the layers. Layering two socks on each foot under waterproof snow boots helps keep your feet warm and dry.

While snowy weather can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Make sure you’ve got the right clothing, and you’ll be fine. Enjoy this weather while we’ve got Snowpocalypse 2021.

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