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To me, writing content for businesses is an art form that consists of eloquent storytelling that brings your company and your clients to the same place in the sales process. 

It is my goal to help you find the missing puzzle piece to your business challenges. I enjoy learning new things as I research and write, I enjoy the writing process.


There is joy in engaging in the adventure that is carefully cultivating the perfect lines to tell your company story or provide valuable information in the form of blogs about your industry.  

I have been an active writer since childhood. I've had poems and short stories published in school newspapers, yearbooks, and poetry collections since fifth grade. Writing has been the one thing I have come back to year after year. 

I have worked for the last six years with a variety of marketing companies as a freelance content creator, and marketing consultant. It is my goal to help you find the missing puzzle piece to your business challenges. 

Below, you can browse some of my writing, and check out my portfolio and resume. I will be adding more content relating to my business writing as time continues. You can also read some testimonials from past and current clients. 

Writing Samples

2021 Resume


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Wanderland Escapes

Rebecca Anderson

She has been doing blog posts for my travel business and she has been wonderful to work with. The content is on point, very well organized and informative. Just the way I need them to be! She is also very responsive, never misses a deadline and is easy to brainstorm and work with. I definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a writer.

Chonillo Marketing

Jennifer Chonillo

I was looking for a creative, SEO knowledgeable writer that could help me with some technical blog post for some clients I was working with. After several lackluster candidates, someone referred to Echo. Echo has been a godsend, she can do keyword research and writes in a knowledgeable and friendly tone which I desperately needed for this work. She’s helped me improve the site’s SEO, and her articles have been excellent for link-building purposes. I’d recommend Echo to anyone who needs writing help.

Ice Gold Jewelery

Levon Cam

I've been working with Echo for over 5 years now. She is the best at what she does, HANDS DOWN. Quick turn-a-round time and great content. You actually want to ready what she puts on paper. It's not boring and BLAH. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

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